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Watercolor Borderless Tarot Deck

Watercolor Borderless Tarot Deck

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-Tarot Deck Watercolor Borderless
-Tarot Cards With Guidebook
-Premium Cardboard for Tarot Cards 300GSM
-Plastic lamination for Tarot Deck
-78 Cards Classic Tarot School 22 major arcana and 56 minor
-Size 2,75 x 4,72 inc / 7x12sm
-One guide book 36 pages
-Cardboard box
-Perfect for masters, beginners, and everyone in between
-The Perfect gift set
-PinkVelvet Tarot Bag,soft and durable
-Size 7,8x5,9 inc / 20x15sm
-Gabardine Pink Tarot Cloth
-Size 18x18 inc / 46x46sm
-Wooden Tarot box
-Size 5x3,5x2 inc / 13,6x9,2x5sm
-Fast Production and delivery in the USA
(1-3 business days for production and packing, 2-5 business days for deliver)

The tarot card stock is sturdy, feels good in the hand, and shuffles nicely.
They will serve you for many years.
These cards will not bend overtime, they will not erase or fade.
I use high-quality equipment and materials, that is why the color rendering is so high.
Every small detail is reproduced with complete accuracy.
These are bright, beautiful and extremely high-quality cards.
This is not a Chinese copy without a soul.
This is a powerful magical artifact, and you will feel that magic when you place the deck in your hand.

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